Responsive Email Marketing

Online marketing to the smart phone generation

Responsive Email Marketing

Email Marketing Generates Revenue

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. Email marketing, if done properly delivers significant traffic very cost effectively.

The typical objectives of email marketing are:

  • Top of mind (Awareness) – use a newsletter to maintain communication
  • Sales – use a eflyer with a strong proposition and a call to action
  • Branding– construct a viral email to generate awareness


  • Cost – Significant saving on printed mediums
  • Timing – Email marketing is almost immediate
  • Response – The call to action is clear: “Click here to receive this offer”
  • Effective – Email marketing enables you to communicate in real time
  • Measurable – Every element is measurable, which offer was effective, which links were clicked
  • Targeted – Your lists can be easily segmented ensuring opportunities are not wasted

Success is not an accident.

There are a myriad of actions that should be done to ensure a successful email marketing campaign.

We deliver eflyer campaigns that are designed to reflect your brand and core values. We take a strategic approach to segmenting your customer list, developing the contact strategy and finally testing the response.

We have extensive direct marketing experience. This coupled with our design and technical expertise ensures the best possible return on your campaign.