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Analytics - review and renew

Analytics is a critical component in website improvement

Analytics – Why Measure?

Analytics – Why Measure?


The landscape changes

Once the site has been set up to be search engine friendly the work really begins as the search engine landscape is constantly changing.

  • Your site will change
  • Competitor sites will change
  • Most significantly the search engines are constantly updating their algorithms.
  • Search engines regularly “clean up” their listings to remove unethical sites they have found

This requires us to continually ensure that your site is performing, in order to do this we evaluate your activity and listing monthly by delivering and analysing a series of reports:

  • Activity summary (Visitors, pages, keywords)
  • Site ranking reports
  • Competitor ranking reports
  • Site and competitor full links review

The provision of this information enables us to make recommendations to maximise website opportunities.

Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard is the founder and MD of iMarketingOnly. Initially a traditional marketer Andrew "saw the light" and converted to digital marketing an eon ago. Today he is all about online marketing in whatever guise it takes.
Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard

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