Embed a Google Map

This tool helps to create your own embeddable code for a google map.

It is specifically designed to allow you to create the code that you can add to your blog or webpages.


  1. Enter the city then click another field – this will initiate your location
  2. Enter further information to refine your search OR drag and drop the pin
  3. Enter the address and fields alongside the map (this creates the text box)
  4. Press “Generate your map”
  5. Copy the code
  6. Paste it into your template or web page.

NOTE: – to personalize your text box – find your location then OVERTYPE map name,address, city etc THEN generate the map

1. Enter the Location Adress

Show information by default (otherwise after click)

2. Generate the HTML Code

Generate Your Code

Copy & Paste this Code to your Website

Map Preview

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