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Paid Search, also known as “pay per click” (PPC) or “cost per click” advertising (CPC) is targeted advertising on the search engine results pages.

How PPC systems work:

  • Select the keyword phrase to bid on (enables you to identify the most qualified customers)
  • Set a daily budget and a maximum cost per click
  • When someone searches on that keyword your advertisement is shown on the search engine results page
  • The advertisement is placed on the right hand side of the page (see pink area)
  • Each time someone clicks on your advertisement you pay (up to your budget)

Paid Search can be one of the most cost effective and scalable forms of performance-based online marketing.

Why does PPC work:

  • Your target market is searching directly for you – you just need to BE THERE
  • You are marketing to a chosen audience – you only appear (& spend) IF someone searches for you
  • You have complete control by selecting the keywords and budget
  • Measurement, Measurement – you can measure and adjust everything


Paid Search is very easy to start, BUT is extremely complicated to do well and maximise your returns. iMarketing has the experience, knowledge and expertise to successfully manage your Paid Search Campaigns.

Google Adwords – Advertiser Guide

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