PPC Results

UK Agent for Dufour Yacht.

Universal Sailing School

  • Optimized existing campaigns to increase visibility of specific sailing courses
  • Implemented conversion tracking to track online enquiries


Yacht and Marine surveyors.

Marine Surveys

  • Price driven ads resulting in a higher Conversion Rate
  • Optimized existing campaigns to improve ROI and Conversion Rate


  • Improvements in CTR from below 4% to consistently over 5% as a result of using over 1400 negative keywords.
  • Conversion Rate consistently over 5% resulting in a lower Cost per Conversion

Property Management Company in Annapolis

Annapolis Property

  • Campaign restructured to consist of multiple ad groups.
  • Strategies to drive more targeted traffic and preventing budget wastage
  • Implemented conversion tracking to ensure better quality campaign tracking


A solid boat for school, clubs and individuals sailors.

Topaz Sailing

  • Conversion tracking implemented to track campaign results
  • Increased online visibility of the website by always appearing in the in top three positions of the search results
  • Continual ongoing optimization


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