PPC Methodology

The essence of any good paid search campaign is the initial analysis and ongoing monitoring.


An understanding of your objectives and KPIs.

• Objectives
• Time Frames
• Target Market
• KPIs + ROI

Keyword Research

Identify the keywords used to search for your products

• Industry keywords
• Long tail keywords
• Comparative Analysis
• Match Type (Broad, Exact, Phrase)

Campaign Plan

Create Campaign Structure and create Adverts

• Group Keywords
• Develop Adverts & Variations
• Offers
• Campaign Structure


Launch Programme
Develop Landing Pages

• Launch
• Ad Tests
• Keyword tests
• Landing page tests

Review & Revise

Review analytics to increase conversions

• Impressions, CTR
• Cost Per Click
• Cost per Conversion
• Conversion Percentage

With every program, we continuously monitor, evaluate and test with the objective of:

• Reducing your PPC costs
• Increasing your click through rates
• Increasing conversions

Paid Search can be done by anyone, but appropriate experience and knowledge is necessary to maximizing your return.

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