SEO & PPC Website Traffic


Not enough website traffic?

It’s a rhetorical question of course, every website could do with more traffic. More visitors means more enquiries, more enquiries means more revenue.

Our Solution

We use 3 primary Website Marketing techniques:

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  2. Content Marketing
  3. PPC – Google Adwords (advertising in the search engine results page)

These actions have substantially increased online traffic for our customers.

Our Approach:

  • Objectives/Current Status – what are you looking to achieve
  • Website Review – A complete review of your website and its competitive environment
  • Keyword Research – Identify the keywords used to search for your products & services
  • Renew or Rebuild (Site Optimization) – Upgrade your website to include latest SEO “thinking”
  • Register & Link – Get your site recognised and accredited online
  • Return, Review & Revise – Review analytics to identify future actions to visitor conversions

Further detail on how we carry out SEO Site optimisation and how we manage your Google Adwords programmes.

Email Marketing, Newsletters


“I need more leads and enquiries”

Many is the time we hear – “My customers don’t know what I do”, “I have this database of prospects that I never speak to”. Maybe you want to:

  • Remind your customers of what you do
  • Inform them of the new products or services you offer
  • Speak to that database you have been developing
  • Or keep “Top of mind” for when that budget is finally signed off


Email marketing is an established successful marketing channel. There are development tools that enable well designed, cost effective email marketing campaigns to be developed in 48hrs.

Our Approach

We design, develop and distribute hundreds of campaigns. We work with each client in a continual cycle of design, develop, release, refine. Our systems are “web friendly” to avoid the emails being treated as spam.

For further details on our Email Marketing Services.

Web Apps & Online Tools


My website does not………., why?

Regretfully a website is only the start, the feel good factor that a visitor gets when he can achieve a task online quickly is immense. Of course that does not even reflect the efficiency increases that can come with online tools.


  • Identify visitor issues and provide tools enabling them to carry out their tasks quicker and more easily
  • Establish where savings can be made in your processes perhaps a simple tool could be developed to save you time and money?

Our team having worked in many industries and bring a great deal of knowledge to the designing and developing of online applications.

Our Approach

  1. Identify opportunities
  2. Specify the tool or functionality – what it must do
  3. Design and agree the specification
  4. Code and test
  5. Launch (to a fanfare of course)

Further details on our Website Application Development

Responsive Website Design

90% of the sites that we review, rebuild, repair were built without regard for the visitor or mobile devices.

A great looking site or a site that is technically brilliant, but is not solving visitor problems and delivering enquiries or sales is wasted.


A marketing led website that focuses on your visitors, delivering experiences that solve their problems in the process motivating them to “talk to you”.

Our Approach

We develop websites in the following stages:

  • Website strategy. The start is the brief. What are your objectives? From this we work to develop an understanding of your business, the competitive landscape and how we are going to assist your online marketing.
  • Design & creative. Website visitors have less and less patience with bad navigation and poor design. Our creative aims to ensure we reduce the instances of visitor loss through poor design, poor communication, poor usability or a look and feel that is not in keeping with your services or products.
  • Web page development. Our development team follow a tried and tested structural model. They create the code and the functions ensuring there are no search blocks and the site is fast to load. At all stages in the development we are continually reviewing for website usability and how we are going to motivate customer conversions.
  • Applications and plug ins. Most of our customers have a requirement for an online application, be it a listing database, or an ecommerce function.
  • Support and maintenance. What is the best way to manage your new tool.

For further detail on how we build Responsive Websites.

Social Media Management


My social media presence is dismal

Everyone is telling you to participate, you understand the potential and that it MUST be done, however, finding the time to properly strategize your social media marketing efforts and then to implement them is a huge challenge.


We have been working with small business for over 6 years solving this problem. With our clients we create the strategy and then develop and implement plans. Ultimately we look to increase brand penetration and customer engagement.

Our services are aimed to fit into a small business’s budget, and expectations. We help, advise, direct and do the work – we let you get back to what you do best – running your company.

Our Approach

  1. Identify your objectives – we always start with identifying what you want and why
  2. Strategy – This is the “interesting” part – how are we going to achieve the objectives
  3. Actions – The fun part we get on with it
  4. Review – well, how have we done, what worked, what do we need to change?

We have various levels of involvement, we can provide the strategy and ideas or we can just implement and review.

Further details on our Social Media Marketing Services.

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