How to Develop Customer Loyalty

Building Loyalty:
The most important elements in building customer loyalty:
  • Trust is important- if you or your brand isn’t trustworthy, its going to be hard to build loyalty and succeed in business
  • It’s important to listen to your customers to show that you care people need to trust you before they can make a purchase
  • Next is consistency, perceived value, customer service, brand messaging, positive reviews and transparency If you can do all this, you have a better chance of your customers being loyal for life
Social Media as a Tool:
Use paid social media to increase their brand loyalty and advocacy:
  • Don’t aim to sell and use the right messaging in the ads
  • Make sure to focus on providing value to your target audience – know what they want, and deliver it!
  • For advocacy, show your ads to existing customers, encouraging them to tag their friends in the comments-this way, you can build a community and create a discussion
  • For loyalty, check to see if an existing customer is searching for a competing brand – you can show them an ad with a loyalty deal to keep them with you
  • Use your organic social media engagement audiences and loyalty CRM data to drop exclusive discount codes and early windows for shopping new products
Top Techniques:
What techniques to use to develop loyalty and recommendation:
  • Always monitor what your competitors are doing to ensure that your offering and pricing is in line
  • Be real and be approachable
  • If you’re having issues/problems, fix them-this way, if you have a good product and quality customer service, you can encourage your customers to leave reviews
  • Use customer match or RLSA with countdown ads to offer existing customers discounts on subsequent purchases
  • If you have awesome customers, reward them- small, branded gifts can go a long way with customers
Retention & Segmentation:
How to use segmentation to improve loyalty:
  • Once they’re customers, don’t hit with them re targeting ads for things they just bought. Instead, give them offers on similar products for future purchases
  • Paid media platforms allow you to upload customer email data and see audience insights for those customers. Once you know those insights, you can target more people who look like those customers.
  • Create engagements on social media and in emails that engage with them how they engaged with you. The longer it’s been, the stronger the incentive for them to re-engage. You lost them somewhere. Remind them why you’re awesome.
Who are your loyal clients?
Use these techniques to identify your online loyal clients:
  • Keep track of user engagements across all channels and actively track the lifetime value (which is now available for Facebook integration! ) and upsell value of your customers so that you can work out the most valuable ones
  • Beacon tracking helps with segmentation you can see where the customers have been, what they do and more
  • You can use paid social and PPC channel insights to find out more about your highest value customers and find more like them and get involved in the conversation
  • Use cookies if they’re not signed into your site yet
  • It really comes down to the analytics, i .e., who spends the most then, segment the best ones!
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