Does PPC still provide a return on investment?

In 2017 PPC (pay per click) is an advertising tool that is now well established. Is it still a powerful tool or a fast way to drain your marketing budget? This article looks at some of the key benefits:

  1. A powerful advertising tool or a fast way to drain your marketing budget.PPC can make a positive difference to your business – PPC can help you achieve a wide range of business goals from simple brand communication to an e-commerce sale. PPC can drive your target market through the sales funnel from creating awareness to becoming a customer.

  2. PPC is measurable – most traditional marketing areas are not easily measurable – think of the huge road-side bill boards and traditional print advertising. PPC using Google Adwords is easy to measure and track by simply linking Adwords with Google Analytics. You can set up dedicated landing pages in your website so that when a visitor clicks on your ad they are taken directly to a dedicated page which is only accessible via Adwords. It means you can track the visitor all the way to conversion using Google Analytics and easily see what you spent and what business goals have been achieved.Can track the visitor all the way to conversion using Google Analytics and easily see what you spent and what business goals have been achieved.

  3. Fast track to the top – if you’re new to a market or simply behind your competitors PPC enables you to pay to get to the top of the search engines with minimal effort. The alternative is spending months tweaking your site to be competitive in the natural search engine listings.

  4. Widen your target market – using your email marketing list or social media are 2 great ways of reaching your audience, but it is limited to people who already know who you are and have already “signed up” to following your offering. PPC is a measurable way of reaching out to find new customers. For those marketers who don’t have their own development resource it is also good to know you can get up and running with minimal involvement from anyone technical. Just make sure the Google Analytics tracking code is in your site.

  5. Control your bSet up to ensure your precious marketing budget carefully.budget – PPC needs to be carefully set up to ensure your precious marketing budget doesn’t disappear in just a few clicks and is reaching your target audience. Ultimately you have control over when (what times) and where (geographical area) your advert is shown. The keywords you select and where you want to be visible will define how restrictive you want to be. For example if your keyword is car insurance then expect to pay a high cost per click, but if your keyword is car insurance for drivers under 21 then expect to pay a lower rate. Similarly, if you limit your geographical area to a 100 mile radius then you will have less, but more targeted clicks. Google Adwords enables you to instantly increase your spend or pull an advert. There is no long term advertising commitment.PPC works with natural search engine optimisation.

  6. PPC works with natural search engine optimisation (SEO) – the people using Google will see paid search as well as results for the natural search engine listings. The performance data showing impressions, clicks and conversions from Adwords is an invaluable tool if you’re optimizing a site for natural search as it provides data by keyword and quickly shows you where to focus your efforts. If you’ve decided to focus your efforts on the natural search engine listings, but are finding it difficult identifying the keywords then it may well be money well spent running a short PPC campaign simply to test the keywords.

  7. Follow your audience – imagine someone walking into your shop, looking at your product, walking out again and then by magic you are able to repeatedly remind them of your product over the next few months. PPC have managed to do this electronically; it’s called Adwords Remarketing, and it’s where ads are shown to people who have visited and left your site. Targeting keywords through text ads.

  8. Choose your channels for targeting – It depends on your budget, but many advertisers initially use all the channels on Google Adwords – targeting keywords through text ads, running ads through remarketing or targeting specific audience demographics on the display network. You can see what performs best and then subsequently fine tune your marketing.

PPC advertising is a tried and tested marketing tool and many businesses rely on this powerful tool to build their sales channel. At the very least it is a tool for identifying keywords to target for the natural search engine listings. Badly managed though, and very quickly a marketing budget can be diminished to small change. At iMarketing we recommend having a look at Google Adwords to familiarize yourself with the terms but use professional services to set up, manage and measure your campaigns.

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