Facebook likes, fans and shares

What are you doing to increase the number of Fans you have on Facebook?

A study from Forrester reported several interesting facts about Facebook Fans and the impact they have on the bottom line:

Facebook Fans are much more likely to purchase, consider and recommend brands.

Studies of several brands were carried out by Forrester and indicated that Facebook Fans propensity to purchase from their supported companies varied from twice as like to in excess of 5 times as likely.

Facebook “fandom” has the largest impact on purchase.

In addition being a Fan of a product has a huge impact on the chances of someone purchasing the product or service.

The value of your Facebook Fan comes down to their willingness to recommend.

Having a large Fan base is powerful. The challenge is providing a reason or a motivator to get your fans to recommend your product or service, you have to encourage Fans to recommend a reason is necessary to make a recommendation.

Action Steps for You:

Okay, so we know that there’s value to having a lot of Facebook Fans. But what are the action steps?

Install Promotional Apps onto Your Page:

There are a huge number of facebook tools that help create promotions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Provide Special Discounts:

The #1 reason people become a Fan of a product or service is to receive discounts and to enroll in promotions. When you provide discounts to your Fans, you’re rewarding them for their loyalty.

Why not provide a short term discount to everyone who mentions your Facebook page over the next 24 hours.

The bottom line is that there is value to having a lot of Facebook Fans. The trick is to leverage those loyal fans by using some of the action steps mentioned above.

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