GDPR for Gravity Form

For now all of our form must have this 2 text for GDPR

1. Every form must have ‘Legitimate Notice – just text no have tick box

2. Almost form must have ‘check box‘ for ‘Data usage consent’

** If customer ‘tick‘ – ‘Data usage consent‘ there data will save to our CM database, if ‘not tick’ then will not save to CM

So we need to change in gravity form same as this step below

1. Add html text for ‘Legtimate Notice‘ and must have ‘Privacy Page

2. Add tick box for ‘Data usage consent’ and must have ‘Privacy Page

3. Add hidden field for ‘Email Preference

4. Click ‘Save’

5. Go to ‘Campaign Monitor

6. Create ‘Full Database‘ (it no have that one), if have then click ‘Full Database

7. Click ‘Custom Field‘ on right hand side

8. Create ‘Preferences‘ field (if no have that one)

9. Create ‘XXX Form Consented‘ form, for ‘XXX ‘ is form name

10. Click ‘Save

11. Go back to Gravity Form -> Settings -> Campaign Monitor

12. Map ‘XXX Form Consented‘ = ‘Entry Date

13. Map ‘Preferences‘ = ‘Email Preference

14. Setup ‘Conditional Logic‘ for if tick ‘Data usage consent‘ will be save


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