Keyword Research – Great Ranking but NO Traffic!

Ranking great but still no site traffic?

keyword-traffic-estimateheight=”365″>Have you done keyword research?

Ranking for keywords that people do not use is a common error

  • Are you using industry jargon
    – Residential sales
    – Apartment for sale?
  • Are you assuming everyone uses your “right” words?
  • Do people use the keywords that you are ranking for?

There can be a HUGE difference between the words YOU think searchers use and what visitors ACTUALLY use to search.

Research and experience indicates searchers use terms based on their experience and the way they relate to your product or service. Be careful you’re not assuming they know your in house jargon.

For example, a customer may refer to a lounge suite as a sitting room suite, 3 seater suite or sofa & armchairs/ arm chairs.

Customers may also use different spellings:

  • “accommodation” with 1 “m” or 2?
  • “Riesling” spelt with the “e” before the “i”?
  • 3 star Hotels in Phuket or 3* Hotel in Phuket?

Identifying those keywords?

Understanding the language of your target audience makes a significant difference in your search engine ranking. The first step in any Search Engine Marketing program is to identify a comprehensive list of keywords and key phrases, you need to:

  • Carry out site analysis
    Review your site and identify core keyword segments, review the competition and understand their strategy and positioning
  • Identify keyword opportunities
    Develop a series of keywords that sit alongside the core words by using synonyms, word-stemming and thesaurus tools
  • Establish the keywords that actually deliver traffic
    Determine what is searched on and how much

Having carried out the above we would then recommend that you analyze the keywords for effectiveness by comparing them against search engine results, competitor sites and any related search results.

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