PPC Keyword Match Types

Setting Up Keywords in Your Google PPC Campaign centre

There are a number of ways that you can setup your keywords in your PPC campaign:

  1. Broad Match – (the Default Option)
  2. Phrase Match – (Phrase/word is in “inverted commas”)
  3. Exact match – (Phrase/word is in [brackets])

Each of the above choices have a number of advatages and disadvantages – first what exactly do they mean:

Broad – If your ad group had the phrase ‘Phuket Resort’, your ad would appear when a searcher queried either or both words (‘phuket’ and ‘resort’) . The words could be in any order and there is a distinct possiblity that the phrase may contain other words, it could also pull up your ad for singular/plural usages and it would display for synonyms.

Phrase Match – enter your keyword/phrase in quotation marks, your ad would appear when a searcher queries on the phrase phuket resort. The words have to be in that order. Other searches can also display your ad as long as they include the exact phrase that you’ve specified.

Exact match – enter your keywords in square brackets – [phuket resort] – your ad would appear when a searcher searches for this specific phrase ‘phuket resort’. In order to appear the words need to be in this order and there should be NO other terms in the search.

In summary

Specifier Keyword Will display Will NOT display
Broad Match Phuket Resort Phuket
Buy Phuket Resort
Phuket Resort Photos
Beach Resort
Phuket Beach
Phrase Match “Phuket Resort” Cheap Phuket Resort
Phuket Resort Photo
Phuket Resort Beach
Resort In Phuket
Phuket Beach
Phuket Beach Resort
Exact Match [Phuket Resort] Phuket Resort Cheap Phuket Resort
Phuket Beach Resort


Advantages & Disadvantages

Specifier Advantages Disadvantages
Broad Match Lots of traffic
Enables you to identify keywords
Potentially unqualified
There are cheaper ways of doing this
Phrase Match Good traffic
Assists in identifying keywords
More qualified than broad but less than exact
Can waste money
Exact Match ROI is high
VERY qualified traffic
Less traffic than above 2
If traffic is too low then volume may not justify

Does everyone agree or can you offer more ads vs disadvantages – comment below

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