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Video Search Marketing

With the advances in technology and our love of YouTube it’s no wonder that video is such a popular part of any website.

Often though, having optimized for the search engines an endless number of images the videos are often forgotten. Optimizing a video is simple and should be part of any standard optimisation checklist.

Here is a taster of what we do :

The First things to do:
  1. Website – Load it into your website from your video platform – be it Vimeo/ youtube or other
  2. Metatags – Firstly, we need to identify the right keywords. Normally we’ll include the word video. Like all website content we then ensure the keywords are in the title, description, keywords and any other relevant tags.
  3. Links – Exactly the same as all other content, links are important. Links are always to the video on the site and not to YouTube.
  4. Ban indexing – From any other site other than yours (See your settings in your video account – we use Vimeo so it is easy but youtube not sure – The objective is to get it indexed on your site first so you get the credit.
  5. Wait a week
  6. Social Media – Load into facebook, google+ etc
  7. Youtube – Load into youtube et al and allow it to NOW be indexed
  8. Share with all and sundry

Other things you should be aware of:

  1. Take out the Flash – Often there is an intro in Flash. Search Engines can’t read Flash so wherever we can we take it out.
  2. Length of Video – This is a judgement call. Too long and the search engines may think it is going to take way too long for a user to stream, too short and the search engines may think there isn’t much content. It’s common sense really.
  3. Increase your views – At the moment the search engines don’t seem to care too much about anything other than the volume of views, so we make sure your video is on facebook, twitter and any other platform where your video will be viewed.
  4. Create an RSS Feed – Where there is sufficient content we create a Media RSS feed of imagery and video.
  5. Videos with voice overs – We often recommend a transcript is done and loaded onto the site and then we hope the voice over has used some of the keywords!
  6. Video Site Map

Hope this helps and of course if you have any other ideas then fill them in via our comments

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