Differences Between Posts and Pages

One of the most common questions on WordPress is the difference between posts and pages. To summarize, the difference is:

These are the website pages that change infrequently. Typically, examples of these are the About Us, Services, Contact Us pages.
Typically, posts will appear in a blog. Usually, new posts are in a blog, appear frequently and keep the site fresh with new content.

Posts vs. Pages

Look at the creation of a page versus a post. Differences are highlighted Between Posts and Pages (Click to enlarge)

Pages Options

The only technical difference between pages and posts is found in Page Attributes.

This is where you can set pages as a child page of another page. This is also known as a sub page.

You can see the different levels when viewing pages in the dashboard. It won’t change the navigation because this has to be set up under Appearance > Menus.

Every WordPress theme has a set of templates. Here you see two of the basic templates: Archive and Blog. There are hundreds of WordPress themes. Some are available for free. Generally, the more complex, the higher the cost.
This is how you can order your pages. Again, this has no effect on your navigation menus. Like the Parent option, you will only see this on your All Pages dashboard view. The default order is alphabetical, but can be easily changed.

Post Options

There are a few options that are specifically for posts only.

Categories and Tags

Posts will use categories and tags, but for the majority of themes pages don’t.



The excerpt option lets you create a brief description of your post. Depending on your theme the excerpt may be a prominent part of your site or not. Often you will find on your blog archive page that the full post isn’t listed. It might instead be a photo, the title and the excerpt so readers can quickly scan blog posts without scrolling. Most themes will show the first few lines of the post.


Trackbacks are a clever tool to let someone on another WordPress site know you are talking about them. For example, if you refer to another WordPress site blog post when you put in the URL of the post they would be notified of their mention. At iMarketing Only we don’t recommend trackbacks as they have been associated with spamming.

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