WordPress Two Factor Authentication (2FA) setup on Wordfence Plugin

This plugin uses the industry standard TFA / 2FA algorithm creating One Time Passwords. These are used by many OTP applications that you can deploy on your phone etc.

A TOTP code is valid for a certain time. Whatever program you use (to provide you the code) shows a different code at regular very short intervals.

2faSetting up the plugin to enable 2FA


  1. Login to WordPress backend. (admins only)
  2. Install ‘Wordfence Security‘ plugin and activate.
  3. Go to ‘Wordfence >>Login Security’ on left hand side and enable 2FA Roles for user role that you want to setup 2FA then click save.

Enabling two-factor authentication for users

There are 2 elements to this:

  1. Install the authenticator app on your phone – there are loads but we would recommend ‘Authy‘. This provides the code that you enter into the login page that allows you access.
  2. Setting up your users to ensure they are using 2fa.

The instructions below cover each element:

Installing the phone app

  1. Install ‘Authy‘ application on phone or PC.
    1. IOS
    2. Android
  2. Open Authy application and click “Add account” add your phone number so it can validate the phone and create your  account/password.

Configuring the users 

  1. Login with your account
  2. Go to “users:
  3. Click “2FA” it will redirect to setup Two-Factor Authentication page.
     The system will now take you to the qr code page in wordpress
  4. Open Authy application click “Add account” then complete 2 steps as below
    1. Scan the QR code or Enter Key
    2. Enter name, ignore logo – SAVE
    3. Authy will now open a page with a 6 digit code in
      (This continually changes)
  5. Enter this code in the bottom right of the WordPress page with the QR code in (see image)
  6. Press ACTIVATE
  7. 2faYou should now be activated – go to the users page and check

Logging in in future

  1. Everytime you login now the system will allow you to enter your username and password
  2. It then prompts you for the 6 digit reference that is on your phone.
  3. Enter this into the field and “et voila”
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