Webpage Optimization

Optimizing webpages

Doptimize_setupefinition – Web page or website optimisation is the practice of re-developing the code and structure of a website to ensure it makes it “easy” for search engines to find and index your website pages. It’s all about improving website performance in the search results.

Webpage optimization

Is the site “readable” by search engines?

Many web design companies focus only on the look and feel of a website. This can cause the website pages to be difficult or impossible to read by the search engine robots reducing the chances of being listed highly (or even listed) in the search engines.

If a search engine cannot find/read you then neither can your target market.

If your website:

  • Has information obscured in the code or is hard to find
  • Is badly written or the site structure is inconsistent
  • Does not have the right or sufficient content or follows standard design protocol

Then your page may not be found and…

  • The site will not be indexed (or not indexed properly)
  • The site will not be listed when a search is done on your keywords


Web page changes and upgrades

You need to give the search engines what they want without chasing the latest technique or “black hat” trick.

The first step is to carry out a site audit – this provides the basis for upgrading or re-developing your site.

Most audits are segmented into the following areas:

Website Architecture

  • Page construction – Flash, HTML, invisible areas, Javascript
  • Menu format


  • Page, title and link re-naming
  • Tag composition
  • Analytics


  • Keyword/Content optimization
  • Tagging and linking


  • Create and submit sitemaps
  • Directory submissions

A conservative estimate is 90% of sites reviewed by us have a number of major issues that when cured can result in a traffic increase (and sales) by 2-300%.

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