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Planning your new website

The stages to a successful new website

6 steps in planning a Website

The stages of Website Development

The 6 steps we follow in website planning and design:

Site Strategy

  • What is the product/service and who are you going to sell to
  • Why should they buy from you – how are you going to be different?
  • How are you going to market online to get attention


  • Plan what pages you need
  • What is the objective of each page – how are you going to achieve this?
  • Develop a content outline – an essay plan for each page (headings etc)
  • Who is going to produce the content and by when?

Keyword Research

  • Establish what words customers actually use to find your products / services


Develop the design brief:

  • Who are you talking to, what are you saying, why should they listen?
  • What is their profile

Develop the copy brief

  • Identify what type of imagery is going to communicate your message

Functional Spec

  • Any site applications required and their configuration


  • Who is supplying what and when

Once all the plans and deliverables are agreed then we start delivering…….

See our Website Briefing Form for more info.

Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard is the founder and MD of iMarketingOnly. Initially a traditional marketer Andrew "saw the light" and converted to digital marketing an eon ago. Today he is all about online marketing in whatever guise it takes.
Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard

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