Landing Pages Best Practices

Landing pages are dedicated pages that are carefully defined, designed and developed to facilitate a single conversion objective. If you are selling products online and you want to provide offers to prospective clients then you need to be able to produce individual transactional pages for each item. Time and time again they have been proven to dramatically increase conversions.

Typically they are used for:

  1. Capturing sales leads,
  2. Sales campaigns,
  3. Email campaigns,
  4. Pay per click campaigns,
  5. Securing online bookings or simply to continue
  6. Relationship development with existing or prospective clients.

There are 3 types of landing pages:

Landing pages are continually present on a website and are for the whole of your target audience.

Long Term Landing Pages

1. Long Term Landing Pages

These landing pages are continually present on a website and are for the whole of your target audience. They are not specifically designed for a single marketing campaign.

Long term landing pages are used for:

  • Free content (such as ebooks)
  • Free trial offers
  • Quotation requests
  • How-to guides
  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • And more longer term offers

For every landing page always:

  • Write a clear headline
  • Include somewhere in the text a strong list of benefits
  • Make your call to action button easy to see and highly enticing to click
  • Use SEO methods like keywords and header codes

Carefully think through what would make a visitor click on your call to action and then do some split A/B testing. It is surprising how the smallest changes can increase conversions.

2.Unique Inbound Marketing Landing Pages

If you can, build a landing page for each inbound marketing campaign.

Google AdWords

Google Adwords can be so easy to set up, but can give poor returns unless every campaign has a carefully prepared landing page. Having clicked on a very specific advertisement, users expect the page to accurately match – often they are instead taken to a home page:

Good match:
Advert : Book online, save 20%
Landing page title : Book online this month and receive a 20% saving

Poor match:
Advert : Book online, save 20%
Landing page title : Luxury Hotel Breaks for Couples

Social Media

Your social media pages should rarely be static. You can create unique landing pages for each social media marketing campaign.


Use unique landing pages for an email campaign. Tailor it for your market (and even segment it, as you’ll see next). The beauty of email is that you can familiarize your customers with your landing offer already. Use an automated email campaign tool to send out progressively more persuasive copy building up to your landing page call to action.

Your landing page should reflect exactly what you’ve promised in your email – and use the same images and headline as your inbound linked message.

Example of the Lilyfields email campaign to drive traffic to a matching e-commerce product landing page.

Use unique landing pages for an email campaign. Tailor it for your market .

Email Campaign

3. Segmented Landing Pages

If you’re marketer who loves to build campaigns that specifically target a segmented niche, you are likely to have many landing pages. They’re amazing at getting conversion results. Build a landing page for each of your customer groups and drive traffic to them with separate and specific marketing activities.

For example, a pizza company is likely to have a very broad customer base. Using landing pages, you can promote your pizzas, specials and discounted coupons to specific demographics.

For example:

Pizza Express will be continually looking to increase their footfall . They could make bulk flyers, get them printed and fund a bulk mail out. This is time consuming, costly and doesn’t give them a lot of trackable, measured results. Instead, Pizza Express are continually doing clever online marketing to specifically target sections of their customer base:

Pizza Express are continually doing online marketing to target sections of their customer base

Segmented Landing Pages

By segmenting campaigns, they can run targeted Facebook ads, send out segmented emails, use retargeting tactics and other inbound marketing for each page. They can measure everything about their online marketing campaign, from click-throughs, demographics (as detailed as consumer like and interests), landing page conversions and ultimately sales from the coupon campaign. And then from all of this information, Pizza Express can further refine their offers.


Landing pages are the heart of your online marketing campaign. There are so many strategies and tactics to employ that will increase your conversions and start bringing your business the results you deserve.

If you haven’t employed the methods above, start with one or two, test them out and experiment for better and better results!

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