Website Marketing with a limited budget

Small Business Search Engine Marketing

Things you simply must do when marketing your site

Google+ Local

Create your business listing on Google especially if you are a business that needs a local presence.


  • Claiming your Google Places page is free.
  • Business listing verification helps you rank higher in Google Maps and on Google SERPs. (Generally)
  • Google Places pages can include photos, videos, ratings, reviews, product/service information, and more.
  • Content-rich Google Places pages increase relevance for consumers.
  • When used in a mobile context it is fantastic at enabling a visitor to find you.

Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+

No social presence begats irrelevance or a belief that you are not that big a deal.

Overall benefits:

  • Brand building – paint a picture
  • Opportunity to distribute content
  • Engage with your consumers
  • Promotional opportunities
  • Another lead-generation tool.

Ensure your website is optimized

No keywords or the wrong keywords badly placed means a poor (or no!) listing the upshot of which is no traffic.


  • Traffic
  • Qualified traffic
  • Digital Presence

By the way I have assumed it works and can be indexed

Ensure your website is MOBILE friendly

If I have to zoom in and out to read your stuff then it better be good – in fact it better be brilliant.


  • Competitive advantage as lots of others are not
  • Research shows user intent on mobile is more “local” therefore more SMB appropriate
  • Branding – “I care for how you use our stuff”
  • Close the deal quicker – I do not have to go home to buy from you
  • Get found online quicker – served up faster

Set up your analytics

Without analytics it is like driving after dark with no lights on (Well almost!) you cannot see where you are going.


  • How well is the site working
  • Identify low hanging (cheap) opportunities
  • Identify cockups
  • Know when to panic (before you really need to panic)
  • Direct your small marketing budget where you are going to get the most bang for your buck

So what do we need to watch?

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