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Hosting, Security, Upgrades, Support & Maintenance

Your website is dynamic, content requires changing images need updating, and in addition it is at the mercy of the browsers (when they upgrade and “change their rules”). On top of this servers upgrade their software (for performance and speed reasons) and as a by product software is continually changing and improving, finally there are the HACKERS.

This means your website is never still and requires maintenance, support and upgrades.

In order to resolve these potential issues we support our customers websites in the following ways:

Maintaining my site1-Hosting2-Site Security/Upgrades3-Occasional Assistance4-Website Updates & Support5-SEO Site Audit6-Domains

Your site consists of 3 core things that are needed to keep it going:

  1. Domain name – this is the URL that you bought originally – (e.g. ours is
    1. This needs to be renewed (paid for) when required (you only “hire” your domain name)
  2. Hosting requirements – the computer space that contains your website, associated data, programmes and email
    1. Keep your server within your account limitations – generally they are – space, email addresses, CPU cycles, processes, bandwidth etc.
    2. Optimise your server for speed & uptime.
    3. Pay the invoice – hosting companies are brutal they delete your site on expiry day (recovery is seldom possible).
  3. Your website – the code, the text and the images that are shown when someone types in your domain name/URL
    1. Upgrade your site management software (WordPress needs to be upgraded for security)
    2. Upgrade your plugins (security reasons)
    3. Keep your content and images fresh (Marketing and ranking reasons)
If you are hosting on our server then your hosting support includes:

  1. Website access issues attributable to the hosting account.
  2. Server upgrades (Code and servers and site relocation)
  3. Website setup on our server and monitoring uptime (resolving downtime issues that are server related)
  4. Remote assistance with email setup (Mobile devices excepted)
  5. All non-deliverability email issues directly related to your hosting account.
  6. Server uptime and speed management / optimisation

This support does NOT include

  1. The setup, management and deliverability issues of mobile devices (iPhone, Blackberry etc)
  2. The management (following setup) of all email clients. (Outlook etc)
  3. The setup of databases and any other hosting requirement that may be part of a website that iMarketing is not involved in.
  4. The repair or rectification of any website impregnated with Malware.
  5. The updating of any online software or services (unless our “Site Security/Upgrades support package is contracted for)

For the full specification of what our hosting package includes go here (Hosting/Server specification)

We charge an annual fee based on your website and its software (WordPress starts at £240)

If you are not hosting with us then we charge a “Hosting Support” fee (if you require your server to be supported)

Our virus and upgrade services include:

  1. Regular website upgrades (WordPress and plugins) in line with security updates or software improvements.
    If an upgrade fails (i.e. site is damaged or is not rendering correctly) then we will restore the backup and attempt to resolve.
    If we believe the issue will take longer than 30 mins we will stop work and quote you for the upgrade.
    If the work to correct is less than 30 mins we will correct the issue and charge this time at our hourly rate
    (Upgrades are not done instantly see here for further info)
  2. Immediate attention (during working hours) if your website is virused or hacked
    On identification of a hacked site we will restore the backup and attempt to resolve
    We allow an hr to resolve any hacked wordpress site – time in excess of 1hr is charged for at our hourly rate
  3. Regular website backups (3 day cycle – 1 onsite and another off site in Amazon)
  4. Plugin licences and upgrade fees – All plugin purchases and renewals as well as any supplementary software is charged at cost +15%).
  5. Bug fixes – Usually as a result of software enhancements/upgrades – these are charged at our hourly rate

We charge annually for our site security and upgrades. Please email for a quote

Your website is built in WordPress a hugely sophisticated CMS (Content Management System) this enables you to update and change more or less any visitor facing site content.

  1. There is a huge amount of online help, however we often find our customers wish to call or email us
  2. If this is you then you may wish to subscribe to our “Help desk”
  3. We charge a nominal monthly fee ($50 ish) for our time and effort in supporting any email or telephone queries

If you do not have the time, desire (or ability) to manage any of your Website aspects (as distinct from your server) we offer 4 levels of help:

  1. ip14“On-demand” service – you provide us with the changes you require and and we charge you an hourly rate for each job ($90 usd per hour)
  2. Hourly credits – you buy a number of hours and we charge you a “fee” for those hours (when your hours are complete you need to top them up) ($80 usd per hour)
  3. Monthly retainer – we agree the anticipated number of hours you believe you need – for this you pay a monthly retainer. ($65 usd per hour)
    (Usage is reviewed regularly and fee adjusted or “hours banked”)
  4. Help – we also offer a monthly help service whereby you pay a nominal amount for tel calls and email support. ($50 usd per month)
A site audit is a review of your website from an SEO perspective.

  1. Our tools interrogate your site and identify areas of the site that would be considered less than optimal in google’s eyes.
  2. An audit is generally done every 2-3 months – BUT depends on how often the site is updated – the more updating the more often we review things.
  3. Site audits are charged on a the number of pages in a site. (traditionally a regular automated audit starts at $75 and tops out at $200 usd)
When required i-Marketing research, suggest and source search engine friendly domain names for your site.
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